About the Community

Our sole purpose is to connect Project & Procurement Professionals as key disciplines in the delivery of public and private products and services within Australian & NZ.

The ProForum is the community space that provides individuals, businesses and government departments/agencies to come together and share ideas and seek solutions to issues that continue to challenge us – such as why do projects continue to fail on time, budget and quality?

Our role as a community is the strength in our number, and there are a lot of us!

  • *570,000 Project Managers in Australia
  • **19,131 Project Managers in New Zealand
  • **15,447 Procurement Managers across New Zealand
  • ***50,000 Procurement Managers in Australia

The purpose of The ProForum Community is to:

  • Encourage businesses and government employers to consider certified / accredited opportunities and including in employment criteria
  • Advocate with government for greater recognition of each discipline
  • Provide opportunities for networking and information sharing
  • Listen to its members
  • Opportunities to sponsor and promote the professions equally.
  • Creating career-building educational resources
  • Offering a support network for industry professionals
  • Support future annual conference opportunities

The ProForum Community.

The ProForum is a group of people who have agreed to come together to pursue a common purpose.

As an unincorporated Community the ProForum Assoc cannot enter contracts in its own name, or own land, or employ people, or sue or be sued. The ProForum Assoc is in its infancy and will develop over time with input from its members, people like you who.

In the future we anticipate that a more formal structure will be required, and we will seek members such as yourself to participate, provide input and drive the Community to deliver tangible outcomes for Project & Procurement Professionals and ultimately the communities we as individuals serve.

If you are interested in sharing ideas and/or presenting expert subject matter do contact The ProForum’s event team via email bd@theproforum.com


* https://project-management.com/state-of-the-project-management-industry-in-australia

** Census NZ 2018

*** https://joboutlook.gov.au/occupations/supply-distribution-and-procurement-managers