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2022 has been one of the most tumultuous and eventful year in our nation’s history.  We saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and a new King ascend the throne this year.  This change in monarch will cause inevitable changes to everything from our currency, flags, legislations, and everyday items that bears the reference to the Queen or her crown will be replaced with the King after King Charles III’s coronation.  After knowing only one monach in most people’s lifetime, our identify as a Commonwealth nation is likely to be challenged in the coming years as a consequence.

People are now living with COVID-19 and going about their day with social distancing a thing of the past, until a new wave comes crashing in. Despite the fact that most people are well and truly over COVID-19, we are reminded of this every time our heads of state are on edge as soon as there is a slight escalation of COVID cases, and then we go back to wearing masks out of fear.  At some point, we will have to just live with it when majority of the population are vaccinated twice, if not thrice or four times.

There are worse things to fear now that Australia is heading towards a recession with increasing price of food, fuel, and housing, it’s a wonder why we put so much focus on COVID.  When a head of lettuce was costing over $10 each at one stage, it is not surprising that so many food outlets went bust and closed down. Staggering prices was also seen in fuel with petrol prices almost reaching $3 per litre at one stage, and really digging deep into people’s pockets.  As if Australians are not hit hard enough this year, the Reserve Bank decides to increase interest rates to control Australian’s spending when wages remains the same.  Perhaps the Reserve Bank should take the time to consider the increases in spending may be a direct correlation with the increase in food, fuel and house prices that impacts on their spending.  Driving people closer to poverity is not the answer, however it seems that is their solution to slow down the economy and they are not done yet with increasing interest rates.

Lastly, with the war in Ukraine.  Despite the fact that World War 3 is just waiting to burst into scene with so many testosterone-driven leaders of the world showcasing their might and power to other nations, the world is waiting for the inevitable to happen.  We saw the destitution in Ukraine, with media coverage spilling over the destruction of a small nation, however we also saw the triumph that came with the Ukrainians winning back their homes.

2022 is definitely the year when the world changed, when we are constantly reminded of our destructive nature, our vulnerability, and our reason to live.  What seems logical for some people, may seem totally irrational for others, and at the end of the day, only the wealthy and those with power comes out on top with the survival of the fittest.

Over the holidays, please spare a thought for those who are less fortunate or who may be doing it tough, and stay safe.


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