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It does not matter whether you are new to projects or procurement or have been in the game for a long time. This membership opportunity is for you!

Becoming a ProForum member gives you the chance to learn from those more experienced and for the more experienced to share their knowledge and give back.

Its an opportunity to raise the level of awareness of what skills you bring to the business or organisation you work or own.

Join early and help guide and form this newly formed and growing community of people that share a commitment to delivering better outcomes in projects and procurement.

Immediate benefits are:

  • Free stakeholder profiling tool
  • Your first event attendance is free
  • Ongoing events at a 50% reduced price than non-members
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Community promotion of new members.
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Member Benefits

As an TPFA member, you are provided with numerous opportunities to share ideas, gain knowledge and further your professional development across two key disciplines.
We know that project management and procurement and contracting management roles are increasing as is the knowledge requirements that go with these important roles.
This is your chance to differentiate yourself not just with your qualifications and experience, but with the community you belong to.

Professional Networking

The ProForum Community has over 1600 current members and continues to grow as one of the only, members-only networking societies for project and procurement professionals. With a membership representing a wide industry base, new connections across your field can be found every day.

Personal Recognition

In the spirit of recognising project and procurement leaders in business, we take the time to highlight members via The Newsletter and Member Spotlight. This helps those members seeking additional exposure by the opportunity to highlight certain achievements or areas of expertise.

Available exclusively to members.
Apply with CV and 250 explanation of your project or achievement to be considered in an upcoming edition.

Low membership fees from 2022 $35 per person p/a.

Because we strongly believe access should be as equitable and accessible as possible! Someone asked why we aren’t free. Its because there are some basic administrative tasks that we need to ensure we manage financially.

Access to industry white papers and tools.

With numerous specialists and experts getting involved with The ProForum Community, we are excited to be able to share new ideas and methodology with the wider community. We do not endorse specific individuals, methodologies or ideas. We simply share so you can find what works for you.

Monthly events including webinars, and in person functions.

We know the value of connecting in person. We learn from others as we chat and listen. Holding regular opportunities to share ideas in person is a key difference of The ProForum Community.

Monthly forum discussions that we actually want your input on.

What you think is as important as what you say – so lets hear it! Join online discussions as we look to connect on both sides of the Tasman sharing those project and procurement ideas so we can build better.

An Annual Keynote Address.

Part of belonging means finding at least something special once a year. This may be a speaker in a specialist area that challenges us to think differently, act differently and be different.

#2021 Diversity with a Defence lens – the power of the engineer!


Networking amongst peers and non-peers.

Creating cross connections in projects and procurements is our DNA. Each discipline is vital to our economy and understanding the differences and the similarities will help us all to build better in our communities, our states, and our countries.

Find new opportunities.

As we build stronger connections and grow, we will encourage people looking to hire with people looking to find a new role or project – what can be better than having pre-qualified candidates to fill your next job vacancy without a cost!