Benefits Of Membership

As an TPFA member, you are provided with numerous opportunities to share ideas, gain knowledge and further your professional development across two key disciplines.
We know that project management and procurement and contracting management roles are increasing as is the knowledge requirements that go with these important roles.
This is your chance to differentiate yourself not just with your qualifications and experience, but with the community you belong to.

Professional Networking

The ProForum Community has over 1600 current members and continues to grow as one of the only, members-only networking societies for project and procurement professionals. With a membership representing a wide industry base, new connections across your field can be found every day.

Personal Recognition

In the spirit of recognising project and procurement leaders in business, we take the time to highlight members via The Newsletter and Member Spotlight. This helps those members seeking additional exposure by the opportunity to highlight certain achievements or areas of expertise.

Available exclusively to members.
Apply with CV and 250 explanation of your project or achievement to be considered in an upcoming edition.