Reactive to Strategic: Commonwealth entities must “lean in” to strategic procurement planning to get the best out of procurements

Now is the time for Commonwealth entities to “lean into” their strategic procurement planning to prepare for and anticipate business needs.

What Social Procurement really looks like.

Written by: Brett Lyndon – The Pro Forum Community of Practice Successful social procurement is built on: Context & catalysts: how social procurement is relevant to the procurement and the reason for inclusion and consideration; Culture & champions: it is [...]

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Socially Responsible Procurement – SRP

Written by: Donna Kirk – The Pro Forum Community of Practice Socially Responsible Procurement is a framework of measurable corporate policies and procedures and resulting behaviour designed to benefit the workplace, and by extension the individual organisation and community. Benefits, [...]

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Current issues impacting Procurement & Project professionals

Written by: Donna Kirk – The Pro Forum Community of Practice The last year has seen unmitigated stress placed on supply chains throughout the world which in turn has made procurements far more complicated than they have ever been before. [...]

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