Car parks, sports grants or is it a Conflict of Interest?

Written by: Phil Sealy – The Pro Forum Community of Practice In Section 6.4.6 of the APS Values and Code of Conduct in Practice1, states “If an APS employee has a significant role in a political campaign, there is potential [...]

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Why on earth does it continue to go wrong!

Written by: Donna Kirk – The Pro Forum Community of Practice A story that wouldn’t normally get much traction made headlines recently – it involves two areas that procurement and project professionals must consider: Stakeholder engagement Conflicts of Interest As [...]

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Stakeholder engagement goes wrong…again!

Written by: Donna Kirk – The Pro Forum Community of Practice Stakeholder Engagement: Touted as a fundamental skill of any project, procurement, and contract manager – the ability to truly communicate and incorporate a wide variety of interests into achieving [...]

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An Ethical Australia with Ethical Behaviour

Written by: Donna Kirk – Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd   An ethical Australia with ethical behaviour is what we believe to be our current state in general. However on Monday 26 October Q&A aired a program with a challenging [...]

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