Written by: Donna Kirk – The Pro Forum Community of Practice

When it comes to procurement there are many different roles and titles, none of which are necessarily obvious to know exactly what they entail.  However, there are 5 main roles within procurement and with the skills learnt in these roles there are endless opportunities within other workspaces.

And with Procurement as a profession increasing in and able to be included in the 2021 Census – it might be an ideal time to consider the variety of options presenting themselves on both sides of the Tasman!

The 5 main procurement competency levels.

  • Tactical – this role is a great way to experience procurement from the ground up and gain an understanding for how procurement works. Job titles associated with this level include purchasing assistant, assistant buyer, contract administrator, stock controllers.
    *Average salary for this level is $86,863 AUD
  • Operational – This level encompasses managing procurements and overseeing the tactical officers. Job titles associated with this level include Procurement specialist, supply chain analyst, procurement executive, procurement officer, supply chain planner.
    *Average salary for this level is $103,409 AUD
  • Managerial – Workers at this level Manage large more expensive procurements and requires more strategic thinking. Job titles include senior buyer, contracts manager, logistics manager and supply chain executive.
    *Average salary for this level is $127,206 AUD
  • Professional – Oversees the whole department and implements procedures and policies. Job titles include procurement manager, senior category managers, supply chain manager, operations manager, head of logistics, commercial manager.
    *Average salary for this level is $157,885 AUD
  • Advanced Professional – Oversees all procurement activities and aims to reduce costs and improve quality. Job titles include Head of procurement, procurement director, commercial director, supply chain director, head of sourcing.
    *Average salary for this level is $204,521 AUD

New Zealand & Australia have seen a sharp increase in the demand for qualified and experienced procurement professionals. And this isn’t just the government sectors – the increase is equally reflected in the private sector. Companies such as Air New Zealand, PWC, Optus Pacific National among others are hiring. What should be noted though is the different language or job titles offered in the private sector – Commercial Manager or Supply Chain Director vs. Senior Procurement manager.

If you have procurement experience, you are in a good position. If you have experience + recognised national qualification, that position is possibly a lot stronger!

*Reference – CIPS_Hays_Australia_New_Zealand_2021_Salary_Guide_PressQuality.pdf

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