Written by: Phil Sealy – Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd


We talk Value for Money and yet consistently see coverage in the media of yet another publicly funded project with cost overruns and delays and blame games…

Let us be clear this isn’t a political issue, not even perhaps a people issue. It in my opinion based on experience and knowledge in the fields of project management AND procurement is a disconnect between these two disciplines.

The spending of public money is legislated with a clear framework that encompasses Value for Money and what that looks like. For example, in Queensland we have the Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP) and at a Federal level, the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs).

Often where the trip up occurs in projects is the value for money concept being understood to be lowest price… and let’s be clear it’s not. As economies look to rebuild after bush fires, drought and Covid-19, the concept of Value for Money needs to be better understood especially in the public projects that will provide the economic stimulus that we keep reading about in the media.

Over the next few days on my LINKEDIN Page join me there as I’m going to share some key points on Value for Money, on Projects and Procurement and how getting the fundamentals right will ensure that the public see Value for Money in project delivery. 

Some may disagree and that’s good – robust conversations from varying perspectives is needed now more than ever because let’s be frank, public perception is paramount for any government department at any level delivering any kind of project funded by the taxpayer.


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