Written by: Brett Lyndon – The Pro Forum Community of Practice

With ANZAC day just around the corner, I thought this to be a good time to discuss what the day really means.

Many people see the public holiday as a chance to sleep-in and spend time doing the things they enjoy. However, for many of us, it is so much more than that. ANZAC Day is a day to honour the sacrifice of all those who have served in our military forces and the sacrifices made by their families.

As a 17-year military veteran, let me explain this from a personal perspective. I joined the Australian Army when I was 23 years old and single. My parents and siblings were supportive, and I don’t think I have ever seen my father so proud as the day I graduated from Recruit training.

During my service I met my wife, and we started our family. My sacrifice, not being home to help my wife raise our children, missing birthdays and the likes was also their sacrifice. They sacrificed time with me, not necessarily by choice, in my service to the country. My wife made sacrifices, relocating every few years, leaving friends and employment behind to create our home in new cities. My children  made sacrifices, leaving behind school friends to start all over again in a new state with different education expectations and needing to make new friends. So you can see, it is not just the person wearing the uniform making the sacrifice, it’s their family also.

Whilst I was deployed overseas, I was absent for my entire family’s birthdays (mine, my wife’s and our children’s), Christmas, our wedding anniversaries. All the milestones of life were celebrated without me. That’s the sacrifice they made while I was serving Australia in another country.

During this time 1 of the soldiers I was responsible for was killed in a vehicle accident. His families sacrifice of sending him to another country to serve, was the ultimate sacrifice. They never had the opportunity to welcome him home.

For me every ANZAC day is an opportunity to remember and honour the sacrifices made not just by our military personal past and current, but also the sacrifices made by their families.


So this ANZAC day, as you go about your day however you choose, please spare a moment of thought for those who have sacrificed for this great country. Not just those who have worn the uniforms of service, but also their families. Consider the sacrifices they make to ensure the freedoms we all enjoy so much.


Let us know in the comments what ANZAC day means to you and how you celebrate it.


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