About the Community

Our sole purpose is to connect Project & Procurement Professionals as key disciplines in the delivery of public and private products and services within Australian & NZ.

The Pro Forum Community is the community space that provides individuals, businesses and government departments/agencies to come together and share ideas and seek solutions to issues that continue to challenge us – such as why do projects continue to fail on time, budget and quality?

Our role as a community is the strength in our number, and there are a lot of us!

  • *570,000 Project Managers in Australia
  • **19,131 Project Managers in New Zealand
  • **15,447 Procurement Managers across New Zealand
  • ***50,000 Procurement Managers in Australia

The purpose of The Pro Forum Community is to:

  • Encourage businesses and government employers to consider certified / accredited opportunities and including in employment criteria
  • Advocate with government for greater recognition of each discipline
  • Provide opportunities for networking and information sharing
  • Listen to the industry
  • Opportunities to sponsor and promote the professions equally.
  • Creating career-building educational resources
  • Offering a support network for industry professionals
  • Support future annual conference opportunities

* https://project-management.com/state-of-the-project-management-industry-in-australia

** Census NZ 2018

*** https://joboutlook.gov.au/occupations/supply-distribution-and-procurement-managers